Best Startup Business Loans of 2021 – Investopedia

Bottom Line

Startup business loans can be some of the most difficult types of loans to obtain. Not only do they usually require high levels of credit, cash injection from the owner, and collateral (three things many business owners don’t have when they are starting their first business), these loans can also be paperwork-intensive.

That’s why online lenders and financial technology companies are rising to the top. These types of companies have taken on a traditionally difficult challenge for the lender and the borrower and developed ways to reduce the risk and inconvenience for both parties. 

Our best overall for startup business loans, Finance Factory, is an online lender that funds pre-revenue startups, publishes learning resources, and is transparent with their rates and fees.

Compare Providers

Company Why We Picked It Best Features
Finance Factory Best Overall Free funding range report; rate transparency Best for E-commerce Make your business more fundable to lenders through its proprietary integration technology
OnDeck Best for Retail SmartBox Capital Comparison Tool; funds in three days
Midwest Corporate Credit Best